Commonwealth Polka Dot New Era 59Fifty


The moment i saw the Commonwealth Polka Dot New Era 59Fifty Hats i knew right away i had to get my hands on one. The Commonwealth Polka Dot fitteds were released during September 2007 in the two colorways shown above, grey/white and white/black. Embroidered on the front you of these 59Fifty Hats you have a big C and out on the back it says “C’MON”. The embossed polka dots are really what makes these hats stand out. We have all seen 2D Polka Dot designs on hats before, and some of us may even consider the idea “blah”, but when you include the polka dots with a raised design in a nice neat fashion its a whole different ball game. I happen to have a thing for textured designs/patterns like these Commonwealth Polka Dot New Era Hats and the SneakerPimps XXX New Era 59Fifty Hat and this is why designs like this make it into the Fitted Alliance.






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