Alife Frankenstein New Era 59Fifty


The Alife Frankenstein New Era 59Fifty is one of the many epic fitted hats that were released in 2006. The hat makes the “Fitted Alliance” due to the pure fact its got a classic concept behind it and couldnt of been designed better. For all those who dont know theres a pair of Frankenstein Air Force Ones as well, which are a perfect match to go along with this Alife Frankenstein cap. What i like most about this hat is the bright green crown with black on the top to repersent Frankensteins hair. The scar design is nicely exucuted as well, and helps finish up the Frankstein theme. These hats sold out quick then Alife could put them on the shelves, and they are still to this very day hard to find from resellers. Only a limited number were produced and when the rare one or two pop up on Ebay you usually see them with price tags up around $100. This is one of my holy grails when it comes to fitted hats and im sad to say i personally dont own one.

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