How To Clean A Hat

A lot of people ask what are some good techniques for washing a fitted hat, or anything sort of hat for that matter. Snap back or fitted. Cleaning your hats starts with trying to keep it clean in the first place. The cleaner you keep it from the get go the less likely you are to have to clean it at some point. Makes sense doesnt it?

However, if you do get something on your hat and your interested in some techniques to clean it please follow along. For one i do not recommend putting your hat into the washing machine. Not when with those things you put the hat into. I know a lot of people say just throw it in there and you wont have a problem, but that isnt always the case. I have done it myself and had some success but i will say the nightmares out weighted the success. Attempt that at your own risk and just keep it mind that you may not be happy with the results. Instead try some of the techniques below and save yourself what could be a bad mistake and cost you a hat you liked after putting it in the washing machine.

For starters take a look at the area you want to clean. If its on the outside of the panels or on the brim/underbrim and not on the sweatband, take a look closely at the material and the area that needs cleaning. If you look closely you will notice the direction in which the panel is stitched. This is one of the key elements you wanna pay attention to when cleaning a hat if you ask me. A lot of folks make the mistake by rubbing down the area to be cleaned straight up and down or in some sort of circle. This can be extremely bad and put you in a worse situation when you were when you started. The problem with doing that is that you are going against the grain, or stitching of the panel. You are actually spreading the mark your trying to clean and rubbing it into the hat.

Once you take notice of the direction of the stitching take a clean cotton cloth and wet a small area on the edge with water. Lightly begin to rub the mark in the same direction of the stitching. It will be sort of a diagonal line. Only go in 1 direction, do not go back and fourth. Start at the top and go down then go back to the top again. If using just water does not remove the stain mix water and white vinegar together and then continue to rub the area lightly. 2 parts water, 1 part vinegar.

If you can not remove the a stain you got on one of yours hats with water and vinegar you can use Woolite. Before just jumping in with the Woolite test it on a smaller area of the hat first. There should be no discoloration but you may just want to test for your own sake. Once again rub down the area lightly with a soft cloth and Woolite. Please take note that Woolite can shrink some hats, depending on the material they are made of. Try using simply a water and vinegar mix before using the Woolite.

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  1. Brian Keon says:

    I have a hounds tooth fedora hat that, for reasons I cannot go into here, I had to rub dirt on it. The hat is in fairly good shape other than that. I would like to know how I could clean it. Thanks

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