Meet The Junkies


Meet The Junkies is a monthly segment here on which gives you an inside look at our fellow Hat Junkies. The segment gives viewers like you a chance to submit photos to us for your chance to be featured on Meet The Junkies and display your collection. Each month we will pick up to two (2) Hat Junkies to feature for the month. Each person will get their very own write up which will be placed in the Meet The Junkies category with the rest of the monthly Junkies. For the month both Hat Junkies will also have their articles featured on the front page of the site above all the other content. Show us what you got for your chance to be featured on Meet The Junkies!!!

Interested in being featured? Please read the 5 simple guidelines below to better your chances of being featured.

- Provide first name, age and location.
- Submit 1 photo which shows a headshot of you (and only you) wearing one of your favorite fitted hats. The reason for this is so our viewers, and us, can see who we are meeting.
- Besides the photo of yourself you will also need to include some photos of your collection. Please do not take a solo picture of every hat in your collection and do not just throw them all on the bed in 1 big pile. Provide as many hats in each photo as possible in a neat manor where everything is clearly visible to us and our readers. If you need to spread your hats out over numerous posts you can do so, aslong as we arent seeing solo pics of each cap.
- No camera phone pictures, unless its produces the quality of a standard point and shoot camera. Majority of them dont come close in our opinion (besides the IPhone and Blackberry) so if you do choose to submit camera phone pictures we will judge the quality ourselves. You have been warned
- Only clear, none blurry photos will be accepted. Nobody wants to strain their eyes trying to look at blurry photos.

If you think you can follow those guidelines and want your chance to be on the next segment of Meet The Junkies please send your pictures to

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