New Era 39Thirty Stretch Fit Hats


The New Era 39Thirty is the stretch fit cap which New Era offers. While MLB players wear the 59Fifty Hats on the field during games they don these 39Thirty Stretch Fit Hats during spring training and pre-game warmups. Since they are the official Pre-Game game hats of all MLB teams you can find the 39Thirty at a lot of retailers in almost every team out there. If your into stretch fit hats honestly speaking i would say the New Era 39Thirty would be the way to go, over say something like FlexFit (sorry guys). The New Era 39Thirty i feel is a good fit some younger kids who may just be starting to get into hats, their heads are gonna do some growing so the stretch fit style is a nice idea for them cause they will be able to hang on to it for a little while. Where as a 59Fifty Fitted Hat may be a little to deep for them and something they would grow out of quickly. However, i see some older folks wearing the New Era 39Thirty as well so all in all its a good fit for everybody young or old whos just looking for something different then a sized to fit fitted hat. Head on over to the official New Era website here to see what they have in stock for the 39Thirty hats.

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