New Era 49Forty Fitted Hats


The New Era 49Forty Fitted Hats are the 2nd line of premium fitted hats and caps the company produces. The caps have a lower profile then the New Era 59Fifty Fitted Hats and general speaking arent really as popular as the 59Fifty either. The caps are designed to have a casual look with somewhat of a  collegiate look. From time to time youll see some 49Forty New Era Hats for a few college teams or MLB teams but when it comes to fitted hats from New Era the 59Fifty is defiantly the companys staple cap which is produced in numbers we cant even keep track off. This isnt to say the 49Forty New Era Hat isnt a nice style cap, its just that the creation of the 59Fifty Hats is where the demand is due to the profile of the cap and its deep fit which just seems to grip your head perfectly. If your looking to pick up a New Era 49Forty Fitted Hat your best bet would be to try Ebay from time to time.

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