Lacer Headwear – Fitted Hats With Shoelaces

Although headwear is the second half of the company name, Lacer Headwear is far from your ordinary hat brand. Yes, they produce fitted hats, but they do so with an innovative twist. The company brings the world of sneakers and hats together by incorporating shoeslaces into the front of their hats to provide a unique look that’s fit for a sneakerhead, or any ol’ hat collector. The laces can be customized in several styles (36 if you follow Ian’s Shoe Lacing Methods) and they can even be taken out and replaced with an entirely different color. Taking it a step further, the company offers Lacer Emblems to go along with the hats, which are basically the same thing as lace dubres on sneakers.

Lacer Headwear teamed up with the NBA this year to produce officially licensed Lacer Emblems with team logos to accommodate their “Hoops Series”, a collection of fitted hats in the signature colors of popular basketball teams. The “Hoops Series” hats are available in 13 team colors and retail for $36. Each hat comes with a second pair of laces and a matching Lacer Logo Emblem. The official NBA Lacer Emblem with the team logo to match the hat is sold separately for $5.

Lacer Headwear is available at select retailers around the nation as well as through the company’s webstore. Product is selling quick with many of the “Hoops Series” fitteds already sold out, so get on the move and add one to your collection before they’re gone.


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